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Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Location Match Date Scorecard
0/0 Daredevils Tigers VS Royal Challengers LCC Garland Cricket Ground 6 May 2023 View Scoreboard
0/17 Daredevils Tigers VS Tekleaders Renegades LCC Russell Creek G5 S or T 29 Apr 2023 View Scoreboard
9/12 Daredevils Tigers VS Punjab Kings Russell Creek G7 11 Mar 2023 View Scoreboard
0/23 Daredevils Tigers VS Dallas Gurkhas SL 22 Jan 2023 View Scoreboard
27/15 Daredevils Tigers VS Hind XI Dallas 18 Sep 2022 View Scoreboard
8/11 & 0/10 Daredevils Tigers VS Lagaan XI LCC Lonestar Cricket Ground 11 Sep 2022 View Scoreboard
8/9 Daredevils Tigers VS Texas Sharks Dallas 27 Aug 2022 View Scoreboard
38/37 Daredevils Tigers VS Panthers Blues Dallas 21 Aug 2022 View Scoreboard
15/11 Daredevils Tigers VS Dallas Starters Dallas 7 Aug 2022 View Scoreboard
3/16 Dallas Daredevils LCC VS Stunners Cricket Club Russell Creek G7 I 24 Jul 2022 View Scoreboard

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