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Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Location Match Date Scorecard
0/0 Dallas Dynamites VS 41 Kings Ashulia 27 Mar 2022 View Scoreboard
26/26 & 1/28 Texas Titans LCC VS Hind XI Garland Cricket Ground 21 Nov 2021 View Scoreboard
9/14 & 0/12 Texas Titans LCC VS Rebel Riser CC 16 Oct 2021 View Scoreboard
3/4 Texas Titans LCC VS The Hood XI LCC 9 Oct 2021 View Scoreboard
34/23 Mockingbird LCC VS United Hurricanes Lonestar Cricket Ground 21 Aug 2021 View Scoreboard
20/32 Mockingbird LCC VS Dallas-Nepalese XI LCC FortWorth Cricket Ground 14 Aug 2021 View Scoreboard
12/14 Mockingbird LCC VS Dallas Sixers Russell Creek G7 7 Aug 2021 View Scoreboard
0/1 Mockingbird LCC VS Plano Packers LCC Russell Creek G3 10 Jul 2021 View Scoreboard
11/17 Mockingbird LCC VS United Thunders FortWorth Cricket Ground 27 Jun 2021 View Scoreboard
0/0 Dallas Dynamites VS Dallas Tigers Allen Cricket Ground 11 Apr 2021 View Scoreboard

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