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Live Score Matches

Match Match Date Scorecard
Naveed 11 VS Baber 11 19th July 2018 10:00 PM View Scoreboard
Naags VS ACC Panthers 18th July 2018 06:22 PM View Scoreboard
Christ VS Lanka 18th July 2018 03:52 PM View Scoreboard
MIND VS NCR Sports 18th July 2018 05:30 AM View Scoreboard
Zimbabwe VS Pakistan 17th July 2018 07:28 PM View Scoreboard


Recent Matches

Match Match Date Scorecard
Ajit Super Kings VS Rohit Super Kings 18th July 2018 05:11 PM View Scoreboard
Dark Knights VS The Orcas 18th July 2018 04:30 PM View Scoreboard
Anji11 VS Pbya Junior 18th July 2018 11:33 AM View Scoreboard
Lanka VS Christ 18th July 2018 09:53 AM View Scoreboard
All Stars VS Boundary Aimers 18th July 2018 09:47 AM View Scoreboard