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Atlantis Cricket Club vs. West Palm Beach United - completed

Match summary

On 30th April 2017 10:00 AM of '2017 FSCL 35 Overs' organized by FSCL
Atlantis Cricket Club(329/3) won over West Palm Beach United(138/10)

Full score board: http://chauka.in/index.php/scoreboard/display_scoreboard/65674

Top Batsmen:
Atlantis Cricket Club : Sheldon King 109/35, Elvis Watson 107/0, Renjith Chandran 59/0;
West Palm Beach United : David Singh 43/0, Anand Maharaj 30/0, Robbie Paltoo 24/0;

Top Bowlers:
Atlantis Cricket Club : Herlando Johnson(4), Irfan Sajil (2), Srikanth Daggubati (1), Mahesh Kasireddy (1)  .  Obrian Jones had best economy of 1.50 in their innings;
West Palm Beach United : Anwthon Singh(1)  .  Anwthon Singh had best economy of 6.50 in their innings;

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