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Cirrus Cricket Club vs. Ace XI - completed

Match summary

On 17th September 2016 03:30 PM of 'DCL Fall League 2016 Division A' organized by Dallas Cricket League
Ace XI(145/8) won over Cirrus Cricket Club(94/10)

Full score board: http://chauka.in/index.php/scoreboard/display_scoreboard/45880

Top Batsmen:
Ace XI : Rahul Chalakaran 41/34, Gulam Mohammed 38/46, Krishnapal Singh Chhabra 28/19;
Cirrus Cricket Club : Anil Kandukuri 18/13, Ash Datta 12/13, Sudhir Nair 11/10;

Top Bowlers:
Ace XI : zSubstitute1 ACE_XI(5), Naveen Tamilarasan (1), Amardeep Toor (1), Arvind Renganathan (1), Vineet Srinivasan (1), Gulam Mohammed (1)  .  Gulam Mohammed had best economy of 2.00 in their innings;
Cirrus Cricket Club : Ash Datta(3), Sudhir Nair(2)  .  Ash Datta had best economy of 3.00 in their innings;

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